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Siden sist har jeg fått publisert to saker til på verdens beste nettmagasin, nemlig Oh Cherie. Én omhandler min mannejakt i London, den andre forklarer hvorfor du blir tiltrukket av akkurat de du gjør. Read and enjoy!

oppdragnemoFoto:// Johanne Nyborg

tiltrekningFoto:// Fra filmen “The rules of attraction”



Oh Cherie

min første publiserte artikkel for nettmagasinet Oh Cherie om vår plass i søskenflokken. 


foto:// Caroline Strimp


In nine days I will be on a plane heading home for christmas. In nine days I will be halfway through my bachelor. And in nine days I will have spent half of my three years in London. (Well, approximately nine days, to be correct. You get where I’m going.)

I remember still being a little girl, with everyone telling me how the years flew by so fast. I laughed about it. Shrugged. Didn’t agree. But then I grew up, and hey, what happened to the last two years? It seems like christmas was a couple of months ago, uni started three weeks ago and that 2013 just started. I’m getting old, no doubt about it, but will every year from now on disappear this fast? If so- help.

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